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The Perfect Destination

When making a decision to relocate to an area or to start a new business in that area, you may ask which direction is the community heading.  Is it growing or stagnating?

Arcadia Valley is definitely moving in the right direction!  Once primarily known for mining, those years are behind us.  Arcadia Valley is now working from its strengths and pursuing other economic development opportunities.


Expanding Our Appeal

For years, people familiar with Arcadia Valley have discovered the great outdoor venues our area possesses.  Numerous outdoor adventures await anyone that's into kayaking, canoeing, hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, history, golf, disc golf or practically any other outdoor activity you can imagine.  Information on everything we have to offer can be discovered on our tourism website.

Most recently, we've added another very popular venue right here in Arcadia Valley - Shepherd Mountain Bike Park.  This very unique mountain is located within the city of Ironton.  With over 900 acres to play with, the city has already built five downhill gravity trails that have quickly become the favorites of mountain bikers from across the globe.  It has been touted as the premier downhill park in the Midwest.

Since the park's inception a few years ago, it has already hosted two national level Big Mountain Enduro races.  Racers from all over the world, and 23 states, have come to Arcadia Valley to participate in this race.  In 2022, racers from Scotland, Australia and other countries graced the winner's podium.  These challenging trails are drawing fabulous reviews from the mountain biking community.

Not to be outdone, the park is currently working on Phase II, which will add additional downhill trails, as well as multi-purpose trails for bikers that are more into cross-country mountain biking.  Phase II will also incorporate bike paths that interconnect the cities of Arcadia, Ironton and Pilot Knob, giving visitors an easy and safe way to get around the area on their bikes.  

Phase III planning is also under way.  For more information about Shepherd Mountain Bike Park, click HERE.

The addition of the bike park has already resulted in millions of dollars of investments in the area.  From new businesses to rental properties, people are investing, and moving, here because they know what mountain biking can do for a community.

If you're interested in becoming part of the growth or making Arcadia Valley your new home, we'd love to have you!

Upgraded Infrastructure


Many folks are re-evaluating their careers and quality-of-life considerations these days.  They're questioning life in the big city, and often are opting for more rural lifestyles.  

Arcadia Valley may appeal to those who are currently in this position.

The one drawback that many rural communities have is lack of proper infrastructure. 


Arcadia Valley Infrastructure Is Being Upgraded

  • Miles of fiber optic cable have already been installed and more is on the way.  

  • The city of Ironton recently voted to privatize its sewer and water infrastructure.  The buyer will bring the existing infrastructure to code and will maintain it going forward.

  • Several new cell towers have been installed in the last few years, bringing reliable 5G connections to much of the area.

Regarding transportation infrastructure, we have our own Amtrak station.  Running from Chicago to San Antonio, with a stop in St. Louis, the Texas Eagle runs daily and is a nostalgic way to see the country.  Arcadia Valley Station is considered one of the most quaint railway stations in the Midwest.

Family Focus

In addition to the numerous outdoor venues and Shepherd Mountain Bike Park, Arcadia Valley holds numerous family-friendly events each year.  Click HERE for a list of our major annual events.

From the Kayaking State Championships and our Mountain Music Festival (Spring and Fall), to the Fourth Of July Fireworks (one of the best shows in the area) and Christmas in the Valley, Arcadia Valley hosts events your family will love.

Every Friday evening during the summer we hold Pickin On The Square at the Iron County Courthouse grounds, where local musicians play.  Locals and visitors alike are encouraged to join in the fun if they're up to it.

Come See What It's All About

If you're simply looking for a great place to have some fun, or if you're seriously considering making lifestyle changes for yourself and/or your family, Arcadia Valley should be on your list!

For more information about our area, take some time and peruse this website.  Also, make a point to visit our tourism website by clicking HERE.

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