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Soyou've worked your entire life in the big city to support your growing family and lifestyle.  Lots of long hours and time for little else.

But now things have changed.  The kids are gone, you have a little money saved and you feel its time to treat yourself to a lifestyle more fitting with your current situation. 

Proud Grandparents

Something simpler, more laid back.  Imagine sitting on your deck in the early morning, sipping a latte from the local coffee shop, while you watch humming birds feeding or young bucks frolicking through your backyard.

Then for lunch you head over to a local cafe for a delicious meal on their patio.  While you eat, the serenity of the surrounding mountains washes over you with a calmness you've rarely experienced.  You meet an engaging couple from Canada who have traveled here to ride at Shepherd Mountain Bike Park and learn about life up north.

After lunch, you decide to take a short walk through Elephant Rocks State Park along its extensive trail of paved paths, witnessing nature at its finest.  Gigantic boulders surround you as you meander through the park, inspiring awe and wonder as to how these precambrian monsters were created over a billion years ago.

And, finally, after a day like you've never experienced before, you return home for a little rest, in anticipation of taking your grand-kids to the bike park the next morning, something they've been eagerly anticipating for months.

If you're ready to relax and enjoy life to its fullest, then you need to seriously consider Arcadia Valley!  Only 90 minutes from St. Louis, Arcadia Valley offers an affordable retirement option in one of Missouri's most scenic areas.  

Anchored by the towns of Pilot Knob, Ironton and Arcadia, this area is still "relatively undiscovered", but that is changing.


People from all around the country are finding how affordable and beautiful Arcadia Valley is.  Residents from California, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and many other states have recently purchased real estate for retirement, or in anticipation of retirement, in the area.   

Other than the natural beauty and tranquility it offers, what else makes Arcadia Valley an attractive retirement destination?

  • Affordability

  • Nearby medical facilities

  • No traffic jams

  • Excellent shopping choices within 20 minutes

  • Amtrak station, if you decide to take a trip

  • Four state parks within 15 minutes

  • Excellent local restaurants

  • Excellent fishing and hunting

  • Local 9 hole golf course

  • Small business opportunities

  • Numerous hiking/walking trails

  • Nearby nature reserves

  • Plenty of activities to keep you engaged and active

  • Several religious denominations represented in the area

Arcadia Valley - This is what you've been working for!  

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